Homemade Fire Ant Killer Recipe

Fire Ant” other name of Pain. Almost everyone has experience of fire ant's bite. Their venom make pain like fire burn. Sometimes they become problem in our life. They biite our kids, destroy our garden, damage our grains, and even our furniture. Many of us use chemical baits for controlling those devils. But, chemical baits are not good for our nature, atmosphere, and ECO system.

For this we need to know homemade fire ant killer recipe. Today I will introduce you with some good homemade techniques for controlling fire ants.

Stain remover Is stain remover work for controlling fire ant!!!!!!!!Yes, stain remover works for controlling those insects. Because it contains “BORAX”. Borax is a powerful product which is very much capable of controlling ants. So, you should go to your laundry room at first after identifying ants attack in your house for finding stain remover and directly spray on them. It will help you controlling them dramatically.
Boric acid and SugarYes, again I am telling y…

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We have been writing about various pest control techniques since the beginning of 2012. We believe that it is very possible to have a pest free house. Although, pest control is a very complex, time consuming, and stressful job, proper knowledge of handling them makes it very easy.

We are dedicated to show you those effective ways of pest control, so that you have a pest free happy life. Both natural and chemical techniques are very effective for controlling those devils. We will show you which technique is really necessary for you. It is a great challenge to select the best technique which is time efficient, cost efficient, and also super effective. Proper guideline will definitely help you making the right decision.  

Natural Pest Control Techniques

Natural pest control techniques are getting more and more popularity day by day. They are not toxic, and can be used anywhere, inside and outside of the house whenever required. It also helps maintaining the balance into the Eco-System. It do not hamper the life cycle of any insects. Every living insects and trees are very necessary into the Eco-System, for our existence. Natural pest control techniques are always positive for maintaining the balance of the Eco-System.We will show you the effective natural pest control techniques for having a pest free house.

Chemical Pest Control Techniques

Sometimes we require using chemical techniques for pest control. Chemical techniques are not so Eco-friendly like natural techniques, but proper selection of pesticides can reduce the risk about to Zero. When the infestation become very dangerous, then we have no alternative rather than using chemical pesticides. But, if you have the proper idea about the safe and effective products then you can easily avoid the bad effects of using chemicals. We will introduce you with the safe and Eco friendly chemical pest control products.

Pest Controlling Traps

Using pest controlling traps is also very effective and safe. There have various types of traps in the market.We are sure that you will be surprised by knowing their effectiveness. They are super rocking. With time, we will continuously introduce you with those super working traps.

Stay connected with us and with our blog and stay pest free. If you have the proper knowledge of pest controlling then you will definitely have a pest free house by spending less money, less time, and small work as DIY basis. 

We will contentiously write about those harmful pests. You will find the answers of those following questions form this blog Effective Pest Control Techniques.
  • How they look like?
  • What can they do?
  • How dangerous they are?
  • Where they live?
  • Why they make nest in our property?
  • What they like and dislike?
  • How to remove them from our home? and
  • How to get rid of pest right now!!!!

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